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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Confession and Question

Starting with the Confession :

I like to paint . . . Walls . . .  A lot. Ask anyone.

I don't know what it is about it, but when I feel stressed,  or bored, or want to be creative, I always resort to picking a blank wall, choosing a color, finding a paintbrush, and begin taping off (with frog tape, of course).

And no, it isn't the paint fumes.

It's more of, you can:
  • express yourself using colors
  • see a before & after
  • change the whole mood of the room
  • feel like you've given your arms a good (and much needed) workout
  • choose the paint color just because you love it's name (Sometimes it works, and sometimes . . . not so much)

It began when I was 7.

We moved to Bartlesville, Oklahoma, USA. This house, let me tell you, was the definition of a wallpaper-happy home! EVERY wall in the house had wallpaper, and not just one layer. Oh no, it couldn't be just that easy. It was more like two layers and I am even tempted to say some had three layers, but that would probably be a bit of an exaggeration (Although I wouldn't be surprised if there was, and I am just blocking it out of my memory).

The hatred for Wallpaper and the love for Paint was planted.

(Slight confession #2, I do contemplate wallpaper now,  as an accent wall, ONLY.  Entire house, NEVER)

Painting Experience 1: Age 7. 

My bedroom. . . drum roll. . .  was black and white checkered wallpaper with drag racing cars all over it. You got dizzy just looking at it. So, long story short, my room was painted a carnation pink with mint green furniture. (Yes, girly, extremely girly).

(Hopefully  a BEFORE photo To Come. I'll have to do some diggin'.)


Painting Experience 2: Age 12.

Shortly after I got tired of that, I begged my mom for years (yes, years) to let me paint it something "more mature". Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, and Lime Green. (Wait, did I say "more mature"?!?!) Of course I loved it at the time. It was a "when you can't choose one, why not have them all" decision.

Notice the remaining mint green furniture ( :

Painting Experience 3: Age 14

Moved to Norman, Oklahoma. Bedroom was a blank white slate and my dad would have preferred to keep it that way ( : I on the other hand, had matured a whole two years and decided that I would choose just one color. What an improvement. Just the Lime Green this time. eh.

Former Rocky Yoshi Mister DiGiorgio taking a nap in the Serene Lime Green room.

Painting Experience 4: Age 18

Go to college and move into one of Grandma's apartments on campus, but first. . . paint every wall. Neutrals. (I finally learned.)


Skip a few years, get married, live in a townhouse where you CAN'T paint. Ugh.

Then, finally. . . buy a house with light beige walls EVERYWHERE! Can we say, a CLEAN CANVAS just askin' to be painted?

Umm, yes.

Painting Experience 5, 6, 7, and so on. . . 

Here we are,

told you ALL OF THAT to just basically say, summer is here and I'm getting an itch for painting again. . .

And after doing A LOT of this,

your input would be appreciated.

Ending with the Question:

Martha Stewart's Lemon Ice?

Don't know if it's the color I like, or if it's just the name. hah!

Or more visually,

Notice how different the colors look on the walls versus the swatches
due to the different lighting (. . . and low quality camera)! CRAZY!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slice of Tasty : Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts and tasty probably don't seem to go together, but after you try this recipe, you may think different!

The hubby politely ate the dish and said it tasted. . . "healthy", which put a smile on my face and made me giggle, because we all know it wasn't beans and cornbread, or biscuits and gravy, which he would have rather had. And I know, it was probably too girly of a dish and should not have been the main course, but hey, it was "healthy"!

I, on the other hand, LOVED it! I honestly didn't think brussels sprouts could ever be prepared to where I would crave them, but this dish did it. So try it and fogetaboutit ( :

I have to give credit to Williams-Sonoma's Dinner Parties, for the recipe, which I of course then "tweaked" a bit.

How attractive is that dish! 
What you need:
1 lb Brussels Sprouts
1 Sweet Onion
1 TBS butter
EVOO to taste
Balsamic Vinegar to taste
Pancetta or Bacon (optional)
S & P to taste

Chop the onion up in thin slices and saute it with roughly 1 tbs of EVOO and 1 tbs of butter, for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. Set aside.
Wash the brussels sprouts and remove any bad leaves (if you cook them the day you buy them, you don't have to worry about it, because there shouldn't be any). Then slice them in half and mix them with salt, pepper, EVOO, and about 1 tbs of the vinegar. Place them in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast them at 450 F for about 15-20 min or until they are tender when pierced and edges are lightly brown.

Once they are done roasting, mix them with the onions and another tbs of vinegar while heating it on the stove for another few minutes until all of it is mixed and then serve it up!

(If you add the pancetta or bacon, cook the meat first and then add it at the end when you mix the sprouts with the onions, and you can also saute the onions in the meat grease, but that would make it less "healthy", but of course more flavorful).

Seriously, try it. Don't let the sprouts scare you. It is quite simple, and will definitely be made again in this household (although it might be for lunch, while the hubby is at work : ) )

Notice I roasted mine a bit longer for added crispiness, and don't notice the quality of my photo taken with the magnificent LD (low definition) Iphone camera itself!