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Monday, January 31, 2011

A beginning for everything. . .

I've been wanting to keep a blog for a few years now. My problem is, I've never really had anything to blog about (aka nothing others would want to read about). Once I got engaged to Mr. Wesley, I thought I would start one about wedding planning, but thought it was too cliche, so I didn't (and now regret it).  

So recently, I was going through all the folders on my desktop and came across my "b-boppin" folder which has a bunch of random stuff I love. So I got the bright idea to blog about it and see where it takes me. Its a whole hodge-podge of pictures, recipes, ideas, crafts, etc.

I LOVE design. Whether its interior, photography, architecture, stationary, packaging, weddings, birthday parties, showers (the gift kind), or organizing. You name it. I love it all. Ironically, I majored in business which has nothing to do with any of it (besides organizing). So i'll just share these ideas for now.